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What is aluminum honeycomb? Aluminum honeycomb cores are aluminum structures that have a geometry similar to that of a honeybee comb. This hollow cell, thin walled, hexagonal array design allows for minimal amount of used material to reach desired structural strength thus significantly reducing weight and material cost.

HoneyCommCore, LLC is a leading supplier of commercial grade aluminum honeycomb cores. We provide a wide range of honeycomb products and related services including various cell sizes/densities, widths and lengths, slotting and drilling services, and die cutting. Our products are used in manyindustries including prefab office structures, cleanrooms, automotive, railway, and building construction to name a few. Additionally you’ll find our honeycomb in a wide range of OEM and R&D requirements. HoneyCommCore serves both domestic and international markets providing commercial honeycomb cores of the highest quality with the industry’s fastest on-time delivery.

HoneyCommCore’s commercial honeycomb core is utilized for high strength-to-weight ratio applications and provide excellent acoustical, electrical, thermal, and impact absorption qualities. If your product needs greater structural strength combined with reduced weight, you need HoneyCommCore honeycomb.

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